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Racer Hours LTD represents a fast and reliable way of earning on the Forex market and invites everyone to beneficial and long term cooperation.

Traders of the Racer Hours LTD has developed its own innovative strategy to work on the Forex market and successfully tested it in real-time. According to the results of trading session Racer Hours LTD was able to get a high profit, despite the loss, this cannot be avoided when trading Forex. Our strategy showed relatively high profitability, which allows traders several times to cover the initial investment until the next loss.

Running days
125 from
Aug 9,2018
Total accounts
134 users
Total deposited
$ 9719.72
Total withdrawal
$ 67.76
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Our strategy allows you to plan and predict the development of the Racer Hours LTD in the long term and to respond in advance to situations that may influence the quality of the company's work on the Forex market.

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For participation in our partner program you don't need to have your own deposit. You earn referral commission is paid directly into you e-currency account instantly.
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We are working on the principle of the management company, whose activity is aimed not only to increase the own income, but also to increase the private investor’s capital.

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